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Collection Rates

No Cure, No Pay.

We at Debt Collection USA are just as determined in getting what is rightfully yours as you are. In line with that, we strictly adhere to the “No cure, no pay” policy. What this means is the only compensation we receive is based on an agreed percentage on the total amount recovered. You do not have to pay for professional, legal or collection fees!

It is important to keep in mind that our compensation rate is based on different factors and that it is adaptable depending on the following:

  • Need or request of a written contract
  • Securities or guarantors
  • And others

But because we value flexibility here at Debt Collection Australia, we can agree to have a fixed fee for the collection fee based on the following terms:

  1.  The range is determined based on the amount collected and the circumstance surrounding the collection. The client/creditor must pay Debt Collection Australia a collection fee or commission ranging from FIFTEEN PERCENT (15%) to TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (35%). 
  2. By definition of terms, “amount collected” refers to the total amount which includes payment in payment in kind, offsetting and other forms of payment that extinguishes any obligation of the debtor.
  3. In an event where court action is required, the client/creditor shall be held accountable for any expenses incurred. By definition of terms, “court action” includes the filing of criminal complaints before the office of the City or State Prosecutor.  This would include any quasi-judicial and administrative entities.

Any payment made to DEBT COLLECTION Australia is turned over to the client within fifteen (15) days from receipt thereof.

Let our flexible terms speak for itself. Because we are committed to getting what you rightfully deserve, we make sure to provide competitive fees and terms that you cannot find elsewhere.

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